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Poly Extention Gel Set

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$10.00 - $29.99
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100% brand new
Professional quality nail gel ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.
Good colors for all occasions.


Professional usage:

  • Step 1: Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.
  • Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Primer and cure under the nail lamp. (NO NEED LAMP)
  • Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure under the nail lamp.(Cure 30 seconds)
  • Step 4: Use nail tips, and take out the poly nail gel on nail tips, to extension.(Cure 30-60 seconds)
  • Step 5: Trim the shapes of nails.
  • Step 6:Apply top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp. (Cure 30-60 seconds)
  • Step 7:Design your nail with your satisfied patterns.